Our world class interviewers conduct first-round technical interviews with software engineering candidates around the world.

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We review your job spec and make sure the interview is fit for purpose.

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Invite applicants to schedule a call based on their availability

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We run an applicant through the chosen scenario, assessing decision making, technical knowledge and communication

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Based on the feedback we give you, you choose who to invite to an on-site interview.

Benefits for hiring managers


Inefficient assessment processes can critically slow down time-to-hire.

Reduced Drop-off

Over 60% of candidates complete our interview, compared to industry-standard 20%.


Automated assessment are easily cheated, and don’t give recruiters insight into on-the-job skills.

Benefits for Engineers

Red Carpet Treatment

Our interviewers set open-ended requirements-based challenges rather than abstract, algorithmic coding questions and are there every step of the way if the candidate has questions.


Our interviews take just one hour, significantly reducing expected time commitment and decreasing drop-off.


Our team of interviewers reviews every job spec carefully & adjusts the questions in the interview to make sure we are testing what the job actually requires.

World Class Technical Assessment

CoGrammar powers assessments for some of the largest and most selective tech hirers and assessors
in the global market. We have powered assessments for more than 3,000 developers to date.


More accurate predictor than automated tests

9.4 NPS

How our customers rate our service


Lower cost than in-house and automated solutions

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Comprehensive, actionable insights

We provide feedback on the four core pillars of code quality including efficiency, completeness, documentation and style.

In addition, video interviews allows a deeper understanding into a candidate’s decision making and communication skills. You can then use this feedback to spend time on the right questions in your on-site interview.

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