Your clients want SuperStars. We help ensure that happens

Have you ever been excited by a candidate, only to have them fail spectacularly at the interview stage, due to a lack of real technical skills? Are you keen to improve your time to hire, improve the quality of the candidates you supply, and ultimately get the edge on the recruitment competition? CoGrammar's pool of talented developers will assess your candidates' technical skills, and produce an in depth report that can be shared with clients. With CoGrammar, you can be confident that every candidate you supply is as technically able as they claim to be on their CV

People Powered

Technical PreScreening Helps You:


Ensure Only SuperStars Make it to Interview Stage


Improve the General Quality of the Candidates You Supply


Delight Clients

What a “review report” looks like.


Simple, per candidate pricing

$10-50, depending on volume and complexity

*No minimum spend, no commissions, and no additional fees. Just a single, flat fee per candidate. Really.